Rizal Awards Nominations Open, NHCP Announces

Nominations for the Rizal Awards are now open,  Dr. Ma. Serena Diokno,  chairman of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines has announced.

The deadline for submission for the Rizal Awards nominations is on April 15,  2012.  Nominations should be submitted to the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, T.M. Kalaw Street, Ermita, Manila or sent via e-mail (rizalawards@nhcp.gov.ph).

The Rizal Awards will be given to individuals,  Filipino or foreigner,  and to societies,  institutions,  or other organizations that have an unassailable track record of stimulating and encouraging works toward the Rizalian concept of love of country;  posthumous nominations are also accepted;  of meritorious achievement,  individual or institutional,  in a profession with a strong orientation toward service to the community and/or country at large in light of Rizal’s teaching and way of life;  or promoting and encouraging civic competence and integrity.

Nominations will be awarded in two categories:  three recipients for the Individual category and one for the Institutional category.

Nominations should be in English or Filipino and must include:

1.      Name of person or organization nominated

2.      Title and address of person or organization nominated

3.      A Proposed Citation for person or organization nominated (50-word limit)

4.      Accomplishment of person or organization nominated (500-word limit) including:

  • When were accomplishments made?
  • Why, specifically, do you believe the nominee merits the Rizal Award?

5.      At least 4 reference letters which will be considered confidential.

•   Names and addresses of references should be suggested by the nominator.

6.       Nominator information

•    Name, mailing address, phone number, fax number and e-mail address.

Anonymous nominations will not be considered. There also should be sufficient documentation to support further investigation. The attachments should not exceed 25 pages.

Nominations which will not be considered are: elected and appointed officials of the government; heads and members of the Board of Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations and Government Financial Institutions; members of the Rizal@150 Executive Committee and descendants of the Rizal family; and officials and employees of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

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