My Rizal
Celebrating the Rizal in Me

MY RIZAL” engages all of us to be a part of what JOSE RIZAL stood for. It invites us to internalize a version of RIZAL in our own personal lives. It inspires us to feel the hero in each one of us, and to follow RIZAL’s footsteps in his true love for country.

My Rizal–celebrating the Rizal in Me–is for everyone. One does not need to be a Rizal descendant, or come from a specific country. Rizal’s ideals, as exemplified by his life, his works and his heroism, are universal.

Rizal transcends time, geography, gender and race. We can live Rizal now!

This website (www.myrizal150.com) contains interesting Rizal-related articles and the calendar of My Rizal 150′s selected Rizal activities.

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  • http://myrizal.org
  • http://myrizal.ph

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