Rizal's Life & Works

Prayer handAlab ng damdamin: Rebyu ng Makamisa: Kung ang Noli at Fili ay mga epiko, ang Makamisa ay kwentong-bayan. Pero ano ba ang mas alam ng mga tao, kahit ng mga batang may murang edad? Mas kilala pa at pinauulit-ulit ang mga kwentong bayan kaysa sa mga epiko. Mas maraming karaniwang tao ang nakakaalam sa mga kwentong bayan. Kung natapos siguro ang Makamisa, baka mas kilala pa ito ng karaniwang tao kaysa sa Noli at Fili. (Read more)


Si Rizal: Nobelista coverRizal’s significance revisited: A review of ‘Si Rizal: Nobelista: Yet for all his sublime achievements and abilities, questions about his significance in today’s Filipino society– with regard to his writings–remain. Was he a man who desired true independence? What did he actually intend when he wrote this and wrote that? Was he a true patriot by means of the words he wrote? Was he a traitor to his own cause, and do we have any evidence to support this claim? (Read more)





The Complete Jose RizalIn cooperation with the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP), Filipiniana.net launched The Complete Jose Rizal, a project aimed at recuperating the memory and humanity of the Philippine national hero José Rizal with all his defects and greatness. While there are many other existing websites that devote themselves to Rizal, Filipiniana.net’s collection aims to publish all the known cultural output of the national hero, from his letters, essays, novels, poems, to artistic endeavors and ephemera such as sketches.

Jose Rizal wikiWikiPilipinas pays tribute to the Philippines’ National Hero Jose Rizal through the Encyclopedia Rizaliana. The Encyclopedia features articles on the life and times of Rizal, in an effort to raise the Filipino’s appreciation of him and his works. The Portal contains articles about Rizal’s childhood, his family, his education, his novels and other works, his friends and contemporaries, and even his women. Together with Filipiniana.net’s Rizaliana collection, which showcases all known cultural output of Rizal, WikiPilipinas hopes to become the foremost authority on Jose Rizal.

Other great places to learn about the sesquicentennial and Jose Rizal:

  • @Rizal150: Official Twitter account of the Executive Committee for the 150th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal (National Historical Commission of the Philippines)
  • Rizal 150 on Facebook: Official Facebook page of the Executive Committee for the 150th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Jose Rizal (National Historical Commission of the Philippines)
  • Cultural Center of the Philippines: Since its creation, the CCP has sought to truly embody its logo of katotohanan (truth), kagandahan (beauty) and kabutihan (goodness). The best artists from all over the country and around the world have graced the CCP theaters and galleries, enthralling Filipinos for over thirty years. (See CCP’s Rizal-related events here)
  • The Rizal Project: A website by Lindsey Grande, a freelance designer based in Quezon City, Philippines. She developed the site for the completion of her Rizal Course at the University of Santo Tomas.
  • JoseRizal.info: A site dedicated to the life and writings of José Rizal, maintained by Dr. Robert L. Yoder.
  • JoseRizal.ph: A site maintained by Jose Rizal University. It aims to assist students in the appreciation of the role of Rizal in the development of the Filipino nation, and contains materials on and by Rizal in both English and Filipino.
  • Philippine Historical Association: The official blog of educators, researchers, cultural heritage workers and other professionals who are interested in the study, teaching and promotion of Philippine history and culture.