Rizal’s Impressions of the Visayas

AN OLD photo of Calle Real in Iloilo City. Photo from www.philippineamericanwar.webs.com

This article written by Trizer B. Mansueto of Cebu Daily News, gave an overview to Dr. Jose Rizal’s trip to the Visayas on July 1896. All the events in this article came from Dr. Rizal’s diary.   According to this article, he was with his sister Narcisa, wife Josephine Bracken, niece Angelica Lopez and Capt. Ricardo Carnicero during this trip. Among the places he have visited in the Visayas mentioned in the article were Dumaguete, Iloilo and Cebu, this article shares how Dr. Rizal loves to practice Medicine and just can’t help but to share his skills in the field wherever he is and in whatever situation. The article ended with Dr. Rizal’s arrival in Manila and leaving the place to serve as a Medical officer to Europe and Cuba.

Please click this link to read the article: Rizal’s impressions of the Visayas


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