PreMYo Rizal warmly welcomed in Bohol!!!

MyRizal founders with Mrs. Tatet Quilatan, Mr. Roberto Balagulan and other participants

MyRizal is extremely pleased with the enthusiasm accorded to PreMYo Rizal by the students, teachers, principals and DepEd officials of Tagbilaran and Bohol. Adding to the excitement at the Bohol Secondary Division Presscon at the Bohol Cultural Center was the presence of Deputy House Speaker Lorenzo “Erin” Tanada III who gave his illuminating and inspiring speech on the Rizal Law co-authored by his grandfather, the late Senator Lorenzo Tanada Sr. and Senator Jose P. Laurel. (You may view a copy of Deputy Speaker Tanada’s speech on this website.)

Tagbilaran City Division Superintendent Dr. Lorna Rances with MyRizal founders Mrs. Lisa Bayot & Ms. Maite Gallego

Dr. Donatella Cornell and Dr. Erlinda Mahinay with Ms. Lisa Bayot and Ms. Maite Gallego

DCPNH Secondary School Principal III Concepcion H. Bagotchay with Ms. Lisa T. Bayot and Ms. Maite Gallego

During the Tagbilaran Secondary Division Presscon held at the architecturally beautiful Dr. Cecilio Putong High School, students and teachers enthusiastically posed in front of the MyRizal banner with Saturnina Rizal descendant Lisa T. Bayot and Maximo Viola kin Maite P. Gallego, as the PreMYo Rizal jingle rocked the gymnasium. PreMYo Rizal is very much consistent with the Tagbilaran Presscon’s theme: “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: A RIGHT AND A RESPONSIBILITY”

The Boholanos assured the MyRizal team that they have already sent their entries to PreMYo Rizal.

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