This is a continuing research program on Rizal studies being undertaken by a group of scholars from various countries and diverse scholarly disciplines – history, economics, political science, sociology, anthropology, literary criticism, linguistics, international relations, philosophy. Presented in conferences, delivered as lectures, and rigorously peer-reviewed, these are original monographs of a multidisciplinary, cross-cultural and international character reflecting the full range and complexity of Rizal’s own words and deeds. Even as the research program explicates the philosophical, literary, cultural and political issues emanating from the original source – Rizal’s own writings in the original and their translations – in the context of his time, it also explores the continuing vitality of his ideas and actions in contemporary society and contemporary culture, and from a global perspective.

The premise of Rizalidad is that the scholarly study of Rizal en su realidad would yield to us Rizal en realidad, and thus aims to retrieve the real Rizal from what he has been made out to be.

by: George Aseniero

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