Rizal's Novels as Literature (Beatriz Alvarez Tardio)

Alvarez, Beatriz Tardio
Ph.D. in Philippine Literature in Spanish from the University of the Philippines;
Postgraduate Studies on Gender and Feminism, Complutense University (Spain);
M.A. in Spanish Language and Literatures, University of Alcalá (Spain)


The aim of this paper is to achieve a literary appreciation to the Noli and the Fili, in view of their literary context. Rizal’s two novels have been primarily studied through the looking glass of history, often neglecting them as literary works in their own right.This paper attempts to remedy this lacunae by two means: pointing to their narrative tradition and context; and the literary background of Rizal himself. It will provide the basis for a literary approach and evaluation of Rizal’s principal literary works. It focuses on the 17th century and the French Classicism, and will show how Rizal reads the Moralist writers of the French Classicism to find in them inspiration, materials, and influences for the style and structure of his novels. This appreciation will be guided by their intertextuality with the work of La Bruyère, Characters.

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Rizal’s Novels as Literature

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