MY Rizal – Celebrating the Rizal in me

by Noemi Lardizabal-Dado

I found myself at the Rizal Shrine veranda with no other than Liza Bayot, the great grand niece of Jose Rizal (through his sister, Saturnina) , media, Rizalists like Dean Jorge Bocobo and Vibal Foundation. It was quite a humbling experience. Like Liza, I just rediscovered Jose Rizal after getting involved in advocacies through social commentaries in Twitter and my blog. Read armchair revolutionary?

Sipping the rico tsokolate as part of the merienda cena provided by Adarna Restaurant, I tried to recall the life and works of Jose Rizal as scholarly discussion ensued. My memory bank is quite depleted. I took for granted all the stories and works that we as students were required to take during high school and college years.

“Rizal was just a page in my textbook.”

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